Dear AEC Member
Just a quick email to update you all with upcoming information about the club.
The first stage of the fencing has now been completed and has been funded in a 3 way partnership between the Club, The Angling Trust and Ealing Council without the support of the Angling Trust and Ealing Council the Club would not have been able to complete this project. Special thanks to Walter & Richard for the excessive hours they have spent arranging this and preparing the site.
Gate Lock

We have listened to feedback from our members who contacted us via your members rep who explained that some people are finding the gate lock difficult to use.
As a result for the next season we will be changing the lock to a new key fob system. This will work as follows, at next seasons membership renewal there will be an additional £10 deposit for your new fob to access the site. If at anytime you wish to cancel your membership you can return your fob before the end of may for your return of deposit (at the end of the season your membership lapses) (please note that after the end of may we will deem this a lost fob and the deposit will not be refunded as we will need to reissue a fob to another member – note lost fobs can be replaced at a cost of £20) To access the site you will just have to touch your fob against the pad and the gate will unlock. Hopefully this system will make access to the site easier for those who have been having difficulties. This system will also allow us to keep a record of who is accessing the site and when so combined with the cctv we can easily monitor what is happening on site.
Night Fishing

Night fishing is currently being reviewed due to its popularity, being over booked and also abuse by some,
At this time the plan is to seperate night fishing from the standard membership requiring you to have a seperate night fishing membership in addition to the standard membership, the proposed cost for this is £15 for the season, These permits will also be limited in number and an application for a night permit will need to be made in advance of renewal as each permit will have to be agreed by the committee, as such anyone infringing rules etc will not be issued with a permit due to the trust being placed on those staying on site overnight. Application details will be sent out prior to renewals in order that they can be reviewed and a decision made prior to membership renewals.
Congratulations to the two members this year that have caught the first two 20lb plus fish from the lake the first was just over 22lb and the second at 21lb both witnessed by club officers, both stunning fish see our facebook group for pictures its a good idea to be a member of this group to get the latest information on what is happening with the club.
Thanks to all those that have helped maintain the site over the season and support the club, the bailiff team, the committee, mucky skips and one or two other individuals,without these people the club would not exist, they work hard to ensure the lake is well kept and membership is affordable as without the work done by these people (for free) membership prices would double.
As such we are always looking for new people to join us on the committee or helping in other areas, if you feel you can assist in any way please get in touch as every extra pair of hand we have helps keep membership prices down.

Millpond Fishery Greenford