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Would all members please note..The bins are there for empty containers and general fishing rubbish.

Would you please refrain from putting food in the bins.

i.e   Hotdogs..loafs of bread..hamburgers ..ect

Please take it home with you..

If the bins continue to be abused in this manner ,they will be removed..And then you will be expected to take All your rubbish home with you.

This applies especially to night fishing members..

Thanking you for your co-operation


Would ALL members  pleases  remember to Dip nets in the dip tanks provided before commencing fishing .


As from the 5th may 2017  peg reservation for night fishing will be from 6pm. untill the end of british summer time. when it will revert back to 4pm

Information & new rules 01/05/2018

1. Committee meetings will no longer be open to all members and are no longer being held at the British Legion.

If a member wishes to raise an issue or has a suggestion that they wish the committee to consider please contact your members representative Peter Hall on 0208 845 0606 who will bring it to the committee on your behalf.

Members are able to attend the AGM as usual but must put any points to be raised in writing 30 days prior to the AGM for inclusion.

2. A review was undertaken regarding the permitted ages of children on the fishery after a number of incidents, the following was agreed and set as new rules

Any child on site must be accompanied on a 1 to 1 ratio at all times, The child must fish the same peg as the accompanying adult, with a maximum of 2 rods in the peg.

Night fishing for junior members is restricted to a minimum of 12 years of age (accompanied)

Day time fishing restricted to a minimum age of 6 years old (accompanied)

3. Night fishing – New members are unable to night fish for the first 3 months of thier membership.

A polite reminder that non fishing guests are not permitted on the lake at any time and members should be in possession of their membership card at all times. If you require assistance and need an accompaning adult please speak to Walter Hendry.

Any person found on site without a membership card will be asked to leave immediately.

Members are not permitted to pass out the gate code to guests at any time.

Day time fishing restricted to a minimum age of 6 years old (accompanied)

—————————————————————————–Members Notice:

Can members also please not dispose of gas canisters in the rubbish bins on site as this is causing safety issues when we are disposing of rubbish.





Millpond Fishery Greenford