Rules of the Millpond 2018

Anyone caught breaking the rules of the club will have their card punched. If a card gets punched twice then the member will be asked to appear before the committee. If the committee decision is that the severity of any offence requires expulsion from the society, no refund will be made.

  1.  All members are required to be in possession of a carp / fish care kit when fishing at the Millpond for use as required. Landing mats need to be large and substantial to prevent fish being damaged. See bailiff for advice.

2.  Any member fishing must carry a current ID Photo Permit and Environment Licence and be prepared to show them on request. Permits are not transferrable.

3.  Any non fishing member /guest must carry a current ID Photo Permit and be prepared to show it on request.

4. Any member bringing a fishing guest must have obtained a £10.00 Guest Ticket in advance either from the Fisherman’s Cabin or by arrangement with the bailiff or a further £10.00 will be charged or you will be required to leave the venue and risk getting the members card punched. Any guest must carry a valid EA Licence and be prepared to show both ticket and EA Licence on request. Members must accompany, and are responsible for the behaviour of, their guest at all times.

5. Bins are provided for general litter please ensure peg’s are left clear at the end of your session.

6. Open fires,Glass bottles,Tin Cans and Dogs are not permitted on the fishery other then during an official function or work party.

7. Other then when entering or leaving the site the  roadside gate must be kept locked at all times.

8. Fishing is only from the permanent pegs and only one person per peg unless a junior ordiabled person is being accompanied, maximum 2 rods per peg.

9. Keep nets are only allowed in official club matches.

10. All members are required to an adequately sized fishing mat with sides or a cradle for advice see Bailiff.
11. Barbless hooks only maximum size 8.

12. Leadcore and braided mainline are band, Braided hook length 12″ is permitted.

13. No fix rigs, only free running leads allowed.

14. Maximum of breaking strain of line is 15lb.

15. Night fishing is allowed by arrangement, Night fishing is only available to those with a night fishing permit. Anyone intending to night fish must first book in with Head bailiff on:07746590366.

16. A maximum of four bivvys at anyone time will be allocated from the designated bivvy areas to enable other anglers access. Designated bivvy areas are: Peg 3 Small bivvy area, Peg 5 standard area, Peg6/7 double bivvy area, peg8   standard bivvy area, Peg 21 Standard area. Only designated bivvy areas to be used in order to protect the environment.

17. No pegs maybe occupied for longer than 24hrs, 1600hrs to 1600hrs winter time, from 1800hrs to 1800hrs summer time, without bailiffs consent.

18.Any cooking equipment must be gas only .

19. Members must not enter the water to retrieve any equipment,please inform the bailiff of any loss.

20. If amember catches a specimen carp and wishes that fish to be considered for the west middlesex trophy,that fish maybe kept in a carp sack or keep net for upto 2hrs to enable it to be weighed and witnessed by an A.E.C officer.

21. On match days the millpond will be closed from 9pm the night before,during any matches the lake will be closed to non-competitors untill after the weigh in,once a match is under way,if space is available places may be offered to non-copetitors (for pleasure fishing)then at discretion of match organiser.

22. There will be no access to pleasure anglers while any work party is in progress.

23. Abusive behaviour towards any member or club official will not be tollerated

24. Any child(under 16)on site must be accompanied on a 1 to 1 ratio at all times, the child must fish the same peg as the accompanying adult,with maximum of 2 rods in the peg.

25. Night fishing is restricted to a minimum of 12yrs of age(accompanied)

26. Daytime fishing is restricted to a minimum of 6yrs old(accompanied)

27. No surface fishing is permitted on the millpond. All rigs must be a minimum depth of 12″ / 1ft below the surface.

28. Night fishing- New members are unable to night fish for the first 3 months of there membership.

29. The bailiff reserves the right to enforce any item/activity not cover in these rules,in this case the member will be advised in the first instance to cease using item /activity.continuation will result in enforcement.


Non fishing guests are not permitted on the lake at anytime and members should be in possession of there memmbership cards at all times.If you require assisstance and need an accompanying adult please ask Walter Hendry.


Any person found on site without a membership card will be asked to leave immediately.

Members are not permitted to pass out the gate code/key fob to guest at anytime.

Millpond Fishery Greenford